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Saludos! Due to high interest for 2015 we are focusing our trips to Nicaragua. We have a great variety that should appeal to wide range of interests. We have a great new itinerary focusing on Sea Turtles - Both Coasts. What's unique about this itinerary is we visit both the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts with beautiful Caribbean reefs and dramatic Pacific coast. We also have new itineraries for Northern Nicaragua in Matagalpa, Jinotega, Esteli and Canon de Somoto.

An important part of our mission is to create linkage to market for community based tourism ventures in the areas we work. The following are links to tourism service providers for "off the beaten track" near San Juan del Sur ( and for the northern mountains ( A word of caution - not all the information on the following links is up-to-date. These links are generally for the more adventurous traveler willing to put up with some more rustic accommodations. Due to lack of communication infrastructure in some of these areas its very challenging to keep these current. However, if something catches your interest you can always contact me for additional help. 

We also have a very good community tourism resource for Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and feedback. We appreciate your interest in supporting our efforts in promoting sustainable tourism and sustainable communities in Mesoamerica! - Mark Willuhn

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